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Why can I or can not I get thinner?

Most common perception is that person can get thinner if eating little fat, while weight taken if using fat-rich food. But latest research shows that it is not.

To ge thin is not so difficult, but most often diet gives a short term effect. Relevant is not that, how many calories are taken with food, but how many calories take or return the cellular existing in body.

Possible that should be known:

There are 50-150 billion cellular in human body, whose role is to store energy (fat) to return it again as needed.

Situated in the state of stress, the energy consumption in body is increased, stress hormones requires extra energy, which is then delivered to cellular. Consequently, the fats are burnt in energy.

Thus, cellular can accumulate energy, and return it, but they can never do both operations simultaneously.  To get fit, it is important that the body is sufficiently long with the stress hormones, thus providing the cellular energy consumption from fat.

The claim that fat people are peaceful rather should be sounded as: peaceful people are getting fat, because if a man can live completely free of stress, the body avoid the cellular lipolysis and therefore would not be possible to get slim.

Not the dietary fat contributes the cellular proteins, but both fats and simple carbohydrates in combination (white bread, sweets, cakes, sweet drinks).

Exclusively the protein determines whether the cellular stores or gives the fat. Without amino acids human body can not create stress hormones and without stress hormones can not happen fat burning into energy.

It is much easier for organism to get energy from carbohydrates, than to get it, from burning fat, accumulated in body.

To slim, the body must be forced to resort accumulate fat reserves.

Prolonged slim down is possible only when carbohydrate intake is reduced and instead is being admitted to more protein and vegetable fat.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-08 14:30:45

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