Water - solvent of the ingested nutrients

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Water- solvent of the ingested nutrients

Water takes part in the dissolution of ingested nutrients and in further transfer process, in metabolic processes, helps to eliminate the harmful end-products of the metabolism, regulates the action of the human body. An adult by using mixed nutrition needs to ingest 2,5- 3 l of water every day, the amount of water is influenced by the age, work, composition of nutrition, climatic conditions. You ingest water by drinking it and also together with the food products.

There is different amount of water in different food products- bread 35-40%

Vegetables 75-95%

Cereals 10-14%

Sugar- 0,14%

If the products are dried, the water evaporates easily. When you store the vegetables and fruits the water also evaporates from them and the products with them.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-15 09:39:08

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