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There are settled 2 basic groups of vitamins -vitamins dissolving in water and dissolving in fats. So as a human organism can not accumulate the vitamins dissolving in water in a seize amount, then this vitamins with a feed must be taken every day. In same queue for the more effective usage of vitamins dissolving in fats the presence of fats is necessary in the organism.

Vitamins Their influence Products, which contains them

Dissolving in water:

B1 Thiamine helps a body to utilize carbohydrates to make energy. It is necessary, that woof of nerves and muscles are healthy. A rough bread, buckwheat.

B2 It helps a body to utilize an energy of foods production and building of woof. Important, that a skin and eyes is healthy. Milk, milk products, rough bread, buckwheat, oat-flakes, eggs, meat, especially liver, dry breakfast .

PP niacin Helps a body to utilize food in production of energy. Necessary, that nerve wove and a skin is healthy. Meat, fishes, rough bread, dry breakfast, milk, milk products.

B6 Pyridoxine is necessary in create of the red blood corpuscles. It helps to an organism to utilize with a feed the accepted protein. Rough bread, livers, fishes, eggs, nuts.

B12 cyanocobalamin is necessary in the normal creation of the red blood corpuscles. It is necessary, that the nervous system is healthy. Meat - especially livers and kidneys, fishes, eggs, milk, milk products, enriched dry breakfast.

Folacin is necessary, that valuable cages appear in an organism, including also the red blood corpuscles. Rough bread, buckwheat, oat-flakes, the green leaf vegetables, livers.

C ascorbic acid is necessary to the production of energy and growth. Necessary to resist to various infections and for wound. It is necessary, that a skin, gums, blood vessels are healthy. Fruits – especially citrus. Berries especially blackberries. Fruit, juice of Berries. Fresh and frozen vegetables. Greens - dills, celeries, leaves of nettles etc.

Dissolving in fats:

A - retinol is necessary for a decent sight, especially in twilight hours. It helps to a body to fight with infections and is necessary for a skin and bones. Livers, buds, fat fishes, egg yellowness, the green leaf vegetables, carrots, given up in summer time.

D cholecalciferol is necessary, that an organism can utilize with the calcium got by food. It is necessary that bones and teeth grow correct and save strength. Fat fishes, eggs. Sun light activates the pro-vitamin reserve being in a skin.

E tocopherols - Operates as antioxidant, protecting organism woofs and cells from damages. It defends other nutrients - the A and C vitamins, of other detain oxidation of non-polypenetrate fat.Vegetable oil, especially unrefined, rough bread, the green leaf vegetables, nuts.

K It is necessary for normal coagulation of blood. Vegetables- cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, livers.

Let’s eat a food - rich of vitamins!

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