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Vitamin E (tocopherol)

Fat- soluble vitamin

Regulates the fat and carbohydrates exchanges, stimulates the formation of specific sexual organs hormones. It is necessary against the ageing, protection of cells from the free radicals. Vitamin E helps in case of infertility and contributes the development of fetus during the pregnancy. Vitamin E prevents the vitamin A oxidation and has a positive effect on its accumulation in the liver.

In the nature vitamin E is in grain sprouts, vegetable oil, egg yolks, legumes, oat flakes, spring onions, parsley.

Unlike the others fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin E does not form its reserves in the body for a long time.

Daily dose of vitamin E can be found in almond or little sunflower -seed oil. An excellent source of vitamin E is wheat sprout oil.

Unrefined vegetable oil contains very much of valuable vitamin E but anyway it is not durable against the light and warmth. Therefore it’s advisable to buy oil in a tin or at least dark glass bottles and moreover you have to keep it in a cool place, not near the stove where you cook your food.

The lack of vitamin E in the body

The lack of vitamin E can develop after hard physical exercise. Muscle debility, signs of weakness and seediness appears. There can occur reproductive system disorders. People who have inherited inability to absorb this vitamin may suffer from blindness or anaemia. There is an increased risk to suffer from heart and cardiovascular diseases. When vitamin E is not enough then there can occur anaemia, infertility, various skin problems.

Daily dose 12-15mg.

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