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Vitamin D (calciferol)

Fat-soluble vitamin

In the body it is necessary for the nerve system and heart functioning, bone strengthening, maintenance of moisture in the cells, it is also necessary for healthy hair, strengthening of immunity. It helps to absorb the calcium.

Pro-vitamins of the vitamin D are sterols of which in the influence of ultraviolet radiation vitamin D forms. It is common in animal fat, liver, egg yolks and much of sterols are in yeast.

If you are in direct light of the sun for about 15 minutes three times a week, it is possible that you already have absorbed sufficient dose of vitamin D.

When using vitamin D you can reduce the risk to suffer from one of the malign cancers, such as large intestine or breast cancer.

The lack of vitamin D

The lack of vitamin D for adults can cause osteoporosis (bone fragility) and joint and bone pain. The lack of vitamin D for children can cause rachitis (bone deformation), it can lead to the bone defects.

Overdose of the vitamin D

It can be achieved when you use medicine that contains vitamin D. If there is an overdose then the level of calcium increases in the blood, kidney stones can form and there can be constipations. There is a risk that calcium salts forms sediment in the tissues.

Daily dose- 0,0025- 0,01 mg.

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