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Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Water- soluble vitamin

Vitamin B6 mainly takes part in protein exchange. Vitamin B6 prevents the aging of the organism. It ensures the release of gastric juices, water balance, normalizes blood circulation. Pyridoxine participates in muscle and liver carbohydrate elimination of blood. Vitamin B6 is necessary for growth of hair and for the nerves.

Women who use contraceptive pills have to know that they are loosing vitamin B6 for about 20%.

Much vitamin B6 is in livers, kidneys, milk, banana, wholemeal products, wheat bran, salmon, sprouts and cheese.

The lack of vitamin B6

The lack of vitamin B6 may lead to a lack of organ dysfunction, nerve system disorders, muscle convulsions, anaemia. Women hysteria is called a lack of vitamin B6 in the organism.

The overdose of vitamin B6

It is rapid breathing, burning pain, loss of muscle coordination, paralysis.

The daily dose is 2- 3 mg.

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