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Vitamin B5 (pantothenic- acid)

Water- soluble vitamin

Pantothenic acid- in the Greek language means “anywhere existent acid”.

Vitamin B5 takes part in the regulation of the oxidation processes, affects the functional condition of the cardiovascular system, pancreas, intestines, liver and blood forming organ functions. It is necessary for the healthy skin, fat pulldown and the formation of energy. It is considered to be one the most needed vitamins for the hair in order they would be strong and shiny.

The main sources of vitamin B5: egg yolk, dry yeast, tomatoes, mushrooms, animal internal organs, meat, fish and cereal.

The lack of vitamin B5

Joint pain, increased loos of the hair, lip chapping, deterioration of vision and cramps can occur. Lack of vitamin B5 promotes the overweight formation.

Overdose of vitamin B5

Diarrhea, sometimes it is used as a laxative product.

Daily dose is 5-10mg.

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