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Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

Water- soluble vitamin

Vitamin B1 positively affects heart and cardiovascular system, digestive, endocrine and nerve system functioning. Vitamin B1 is necessary for the proper exchange of the carbohydrates.

The main sources of vitamin B1: wholemeal flour, peanuts, various seeds, egg yolk, buckwheat groats, legumes, potatoes, nuts and meat. Yeast is especially rich in vitamin B1.

If together with the nutrients you do not get enough vitamin B1- carbohydrates turn into fat and accumulate as reserves.

The deficit of vitamin B1

The lack of vitamin B1 can be caused by proper food and alcoholism.

Weakness of nerve system, tiredness, increase irritability, muscle and joint weakness, accelerated heart beating and fickle mood is characteristic.

Overdose of the vitamin B1

It can cause accelerated heart beating, low blood pressure, uneven heart rate, headaches, weakness, and signs of allergic reaction.

The daily dose is 1,5- 2 mg. If with nutrition you use more carbohydrates, you should absorb more vitamin B1.

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