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Vitamin A (retinol)

Fat- soluble vitamin

It is necessary for the growth of the body, it promotes the development of epithelial, protects the tissues from getting too horned, it increases the ability of body to resist the infection, and is important factor for the vision.

Vitamin can accumulate in internal organs, primarily in the liver.

Vitamin A is common in animal products: fish, oil, beef livers, cod livers, cream, milk, butter, rich cheese and eggs.

Vitamin A pro-vitamin- beta carotene has been common in reddish yellow and green vegetation products- carrots, sweet pepper, tomatoes, greens and herbs, salad, sorrel, pumpkins, rowan-tree, sea buckthorn, rose fruits, apricots.

In order the vitamin A would absorb in the body it has to be used together with the fats. Therefore it is recommended to use carrot or pumpkin salad with oil and also when drinking carrot juice you should add some drops of olive oil.

Overdose of vitamin A

During a pregnancy overdose of vitamin A can contribute the inherited malformation or even damages the fetus. There are possible liver damages. An increased attention must be paid to the liver disease patients. For adults it can cause the mouth corner chaps. There can be vision disorders- blurred images.

Deficit of vitamin A

Dimness of vision. Vision disorders can occur or even blindness. Deficit of vitamin A can cause dry skin and even chapped skin.

Daily dose of vitamin A is 1,5-2,g.

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