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The new diet „American meal”

It is important to do some changes in your eating habits in order to achieve both short-term goals (reduced weight) and long-term goals (general health improvement).

Look in you plate. This new American diet is based on the principle that two-thirds of your meal consists of vegetable products (vegetables, greens, legumes and fruit) and one-third of the meal consists of animal products (eggs, meat and fish).

If you want to reduce your weight you have to eat less. Most diet specialists believe that massive fatness is stimulated because of the big food portions in restaurants and at home.

The research indicates that most people cooking pasta at home eat even three glassfuls of it; in restaurants six or even eight glassfuls or rice are served on one plate. But calculations on healthy food show that in every meal we have to eat only half glassful of pasta.

The correct approach is to change your menu gradually. Start by reducing the size of your portions for about one- third and then replace the missing part with vegetables.

Make your meals more interesting! Instead of mashed potatoes cook brown rice or beans.

When you are used to more vegetable in your meals, once again reduce the amount of meat on your plate. When adding some vegetables- try to make the range of them more diverse.

Rice with mushrooms could be good solutions but add also some broccoli, peas and carrots.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-09 10:17:09

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