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The healthy nettle

It seems that none other plant gives so much unpleasant moments how nettle gives. It stings in hands when it needs to weed a garden, fights by legs in a meadow and create a so productive planting. But a proverb teaches: „ If you can not overcome an enemy, make it for your ally.” Nettle befits exactly well to such intention.

It is the best to use diclinous nettle Urtica dioica in medicine intentions, which hurries the first to welcome in a spring in our gardens. Nettle leaves are a real depository of vitamins. Not vainly they are included almost in composition of teas of all vitamins. Ascorbic acid or C vitamins in nettle are four times more than in lemons, but the valuable vitamin K decent more than in spinaches and in cabbages.

Nettle is an irreplaceable mean for improve of blood composition. It cleans bloods and improves its composition, what helps to feel more cheerful. Nettle is recognized also for a remarkable mean for treatment of piles and impotence.

It seems that there is not such respecting itself Cosmetology producer in the world, which unutilized nettle, making means against skin consenescence. But in such intentions there is no need to spend money for expensive industrial made means, if a mask can be made quickly and easily with the new nettles in house circumstances.

Grind nettles for this purpose in porridge, soak a gauze mask in it, rinse a face with warm water and cover the face with the prepared masks for20 - 25 minutes. Time on Time take of a mask and moisten in porridge of nettles, that it is a bit wet for all procedure Time.

Also there is not a more decent mean for nettle against various head skin problems. For rinse of hairs it can be utilized juice of fresh nettles in a spring, but to collect the leaves of nettles and roots for the winter, from which you can make extracts for rinse of hairs and head skin rub. Besides the roots of nettles has decent healthful qualities inhere, because the natural sugars and valuable mineral substances also are accumulated in them.

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