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The diet of fat burning

This is the diet of 7 days, which burns fats quickly, besides also clear an organism.

This method is utilized by the USA hospitals to diminish the weight of patients before the operations. On the basis of this diet is special fat burning by soup, which can be eaten in any time when the hunger is felt. To eat more soup - to lose more superfluous weight. Soup recipe: 6 middle large bows, some celery, a middling large head of cabbage, a large green pepper, 4 fresh tomatoes, a pack of beef clear soup mixture. Preparation: cut vegetables, put in a caldron together with clear soup mixture and pours with water in way when vegetables are covered with water, and boil on large fire for10min, then diminish a fire and boil vegetables till they are mushy, it is dare to join any species, including salt, garlic, peppers etc. It is forbidden to use: alcoholic drinks, drinks with a carbon, sweets, sugar and hunt, fried meals, bread and any goods of flours in diet time. Take into account: the beef is recommendable from meat, which can be replaced with hen meat or fish, drink only the black tea, black coffee, water, juices of fruit which are unsweetened and a deprived of fat milk, deviate from vegetables of roots, except carrots and beets. Diet program:

1st day – to eat the special soup and fruit as many as possible, except bananas, the soup must be eaten at least 3 times in a day, the melon is recommended from, drinks an unsweetened tea, coffee, water or juice of fruit, do not eat meat and vegetables.

2nd day – to eat soup at least 3 times in a day, eat any vegetables in a fresh kind or cooked or steamed, it is dared to eat fried potatoes joining a bit olive oil in dinner, drink water, unsweetened tea, coffee or juice of fruit only, not to eat meat and fruits.

3rd day – to eat soup at least 3 times in a day, eat vegetables and fruit, except bananas, drink water, unsweetened tea, coffee or juice, do not to eat potatoes and meat.

4th day – to eat soup at least 3 times in a day and 3 bananas, drink 2 glasses a deprived of fat milk, drink water as many as possible, do not to eat vegetables, meat and fruit, except 3 bananas.

On the 5th day it is dare to eat 280g meat (beef, hen or fish), it is dare to eat 4-5 tomatoes, soup at least once in a day, drink water as many as possible.

6th day – to eat soup at least 1 time in a day, it is dare to eat meat and vegetables as much as you wish, the green vegetables are especially recommended, do not eat potatoes.

7th day – it is dare to eat only the unrefined rice and vegetables, drink only water and unsweetened juices of fruit.

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