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The diet of 20 days

Diet’s duration is 20 days, in time of which it is possible to dispose of 8-l0 kg. Diet’s advantage is that there is not a need to eat on certain times and there is not need to buy special products.

1st and 2nd days: starvation 1,51 kefir and two slices of brown bread in a day, it is to dare drink a cup coffee with a tea-spoon honey or you can use sugar substitute in the morning.

3rd and 4th day: the origin of animals products are only eaten in protein days, choice of products is on your own, menu example: breakfast - egg, cup of coffee; dinner- meat’s clear soup, piece of a boiled fish; supper – cottage cheese.

5th and 6th days: choice of fruits- vegetables are on your own, it is not dare: bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, And grapes, menu example: breakfast - two apples, cup of coffee, dinner - vegetable soup, vegetable salad, supper – steamed vegetables without fats. Farther a cycle repeats, only a starvation day is one!!!

7th day: starvation;

8th and 9th days: protein days;

10th and 11th days: fruit – vegetable days;

12th day: starvation

13th and 14th days: protein days;

15th and 16th days: fruit - vegetable days;

17th day – starvation; 1

8th and 19th days - protein days;

20th day: fruit - vegetable day.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 17:46:40

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Name: bahia 10/07/08 3:58 pm
well I am a big eater interms of always choosing the wrong food even if I don't eat much. I really nned to loose those 10 KG in a month and I could not cope with any of the diets mentioned..plse help... because of my medical conditions I cannot do any ab excercies either

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