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The colorful diet

Each day in its paint The natural paint of each plant affects man both psychological and physiological, creating the considerable influence on a human health in whole. Diet basic principle – to eat berries, fruit and vegetables in some certain paint every day. A diet can be noticed for week and month, but, if please very much, this advices can be followed all life. Diets basic mechanism is alike mono diet, when certain products can be eaten, how only will. In month time it is possible to be freed from two kilograms of the superfluous weight.

Monday - white

Cooked potatoes, bananas, rice, milk, Mocarella cheese, macaronis, coconut mildness, the boiled white

hen meat, cauliflower. There are many carbohydrates in the white products, therefore with them it is necessary to be attentive, if only un-plan to accept in fleshes. The white cools and returns energy.

Tuesday - red

The red bobs, tomatoes, ham, cherries, red wine, the sweet red pepper, kajena peppers, cranberries, beets, red grapes and apples. The bright paint is awarded by flavonoids, what is the stronger anti oxidants for the C vitamin. The being flavoids in the red wine guard the heart health. The plants of the red paint stimulate circulation of blood and threefold improve tone of muscles.

Wednesday - green

The green lettuce, the green cabbage, kiwi, green tea, cucumbers, sea cabbages. The Brussels cabbages and broccoli are considerable sources of chlorophyll and magnesium, which is necessary for the action of nerves and muscles, as also providing of the hormonal equilibrium. The green calms and weakens, but does not promote slimming; therefore it is the reason why the green days is not necessary to arrange too often.

Thursday - orange

Carrots, papaya, salmon, mango, sea-buckthorn, pumpkin. Water-melons, mango, carrots, apricots, peaches, papaya and tomatoes are rich with carotenes containing matters, for example, beta carotene and licopen. The orange increases an appetite. However regardless of the eaten amount of the products in the orange paint, they do not promote a weight increase. So look diet authors.

Friday - violet

Egg-plants, dark grapes, blackberries, bow whortleberries, whortleberries, blackberries, plums and estragon. The violet slows metabolism, causes a somnolence.

Saturday - yellow

Pineapple, peaches, apricots, sweet yellow peppers, summer squashes, yellow apples, corn, gold rice, maintained cheese, honey, beer, egg yellowness. Corn and yellow paprika are rich with strong anti-oxidants. Mustards and curcuma contain cur cumin- antioxidant with resolvent qualities. The yellow paint improves a mood. It can switch ideas for a meal on intellectual reflections.

Resurrection - reveal day

Only mineral water.

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