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Tea: Mate

Mate is non- roasted South American Holm oak leaf tea which activates the body, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, and improves the mental functioning. Mate is the only known plant which similar to black and green tea contains caffeine.

Mate is brewed in a special container called the Kalabass (gourd). It is usually made of special wood or of dug out pumpkin.

Mate tea is unthinkable without a special bombilla thin tube made of metal or reed. Bombilla usually has a nozzle at the end which serves as a filter in order the tiny mate substances would not enter the tube and after that into the mouth.

This tea is drinker in order to reduce the appetite. If you want your diet to be more effective, you have to drink tea 15 minutes before eating. Mate helps to prevent the constipation.

In shops you can buy three kinds of mate tea- green, roasted or black or aromatic, but the real tea lovers admit only the green kind- it is healthy and tasty.

Mate preparation differs from the preparation of the traditional teas. Scatter approximatey 7 teaspoons of mate greds in the gourd, water it with approximately 70 º C degrees hot water which will make the mate leave aroma to open, in the hotter water it would quickly disappear.

Mate can be made with cold water- pouring and then adding some lemon or orange juice. This drink refreshes the thirst in the hot summer days and gives you energy.

Mate cocido con leche is a drink where instead of water milk is used which has been heated up to 60 º C degrees. Pouring the leaves let them to brew and after filter it.

The classical mate tea drinkers could not imagine that mate could be drunk out of regular cup. Of course you can do it if you want to taste the tea.

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