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A person who is in water feels like he has lost weight and in this environment he becomes more lightweight. When swimming you can develop resistance and it is possible to sty in the water as long as you want. When swimming your joints and backbone are relieved and spared.

Swimming takes off the pressure in the shoulders and withers and trains the abdominal musculature. Swimming particularly is recommended for people with spinal diseases. It can train not only the resistance but also the back muscles. In this environment it is not possible make rapid movements and that in turn protects the body from the overload.

Swimming has a positive effect on everyone’s psyche; this sport type improves metabolic processes, in particular affects the body’s blood supply. Water temperature and pressure massages the body thereby stimulating the body’s major regulatory mechanisms. As a result metabolism, respiration and circulation of blood improves.

Exercises in the fresh air and the changes of the temperature (air-water) toughen one’s body and reduces the risk of catching a cold.

Swimming is not recommended for patients of myocardial infarction and for people with a weak heart and circulatory system and severe arrhythmia. It is allowed only in case if the doctor has prescribed it.

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