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Additional to the regular sport employments use the all possibilities that accelerate metabolism. Gymnastics at the opened window after waking up provides an even loading to a body and promotes metabolism already to breakfast. The few squats serve to the same purpose. An elevator is taboo to all, what wishes to slim. Climb on stairs is also an ideal then, if you wish to improve circulation of blood, it creates a decent mood and additional motivations to notice of diet - a healthy arc of desirable habits appears.

Do not go to the work by car without a special necessity. Go on foot or by a bicycle. In midday pause go for a walk! A regular physical loading helps to become and to save slenderness by a few reasons. Most important from them there are calories, which are spent, decent go out. The after- effect is felt after each training- metabolism passes much rapid and an organism spends much more calories. If you do the sports for the longest period of time the after- effect operates longer – for trained men up to 24 hours. Mass of muscles increases as the result of regular sport employments, but the layer of fats diminishes. To save a larger muscle mass, more energies is necessary to a body- foundation energy consumption promotes, it is dare to accept more calories, un-increasing body mass. The positive psychological effect of regular sport employments also must be evaluated: the mobile improves a mood and promote motivation - this is a new arc of positive habits, what does a diet more effective.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 19:27:09

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