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So various salads

Although the sheets of lettuces contain 96 approximately % water, other four percents are formed by matters, what does lettuces one from the most valuable feed products, in which there are approximately 17 kilo-calories in 100 grams. Regardless of kind of lettuces these vegetables are rich with the C, PP, E and B group vitamins, in such way, eating lettuces; we quickly complement reserves of vitamins and acquire pleasure, un-causing the figure. However vitamins are not the unique, what do the lettuces valuable. There are much potassium in them, what helps to save the health of teeth and bones, potassium, what normalizes blood pressure, ferrous - blood composition and face paint improving, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus, what improves immunity, action of brains and promote vitalization.

Salad of chicories, which are called also for endive, escarole or vitluf, reminds immature head form of egg by appearance. A chilly, bitter taste inheres salad of chicories; therefore they especially well taste together with extinguished vegetables. It can be eaten fresh, joining to salad, and can be baked and extinguished. Salad of chicories improve metabolism, normalize digestion, heart, actions of livers and kidneys, as also strengths blood vessels.

Radicchio or Italian salad of chicories is very much visible. The new heads of salad are not especially attractive, but after first frosts Radicchio sheets obtain red, sometimes even claret paint, although venation remains white. Radicchio inheres saturated expressive, a bitterish taste, it can be eaten t fresh or extinguished.

Oil lettuce or butterkrancs has a saturated green paint; the leaves of this lettuce are collected in a strict wall outlet and look a bit oily. This vegetable is a remarkable E vitamin source, as especially remarkable in time of diets as antioxidants.

It is not necessary in preparing of oil lettuces to join sour cream, vegetable oil or sauces of salad and it is remarkable to serve them to meat and meals of fishes.

Indian cress lettuce award to meals piquancy, because there are much oil of mustards in them. This vegetable is a real depository of vitamins and microelements, ascorbic acids, retinol, B group vitamins, ferrous, iodine and potassium. Indian cress lettuce is recommendable in a period of convalescence when reserves of vitamins are needful to return.

Coral salad, which won’t to call also for lolo Rossi lettuces, obtaining its name not from paint. But from look, because their sheets, which is collected in a curly wall outlet, reminds a magnificent chorale. A pleasant taste of nuts inheres to this vegetable, therefore coral salad tastes well to the meat meals. Coral salad is a rich source of calcium and mineral salt.

Eruca sativa are one from the rarest lettuces, which is mentioned already in age-old Roman letters. Eruca sativa also spacious uses in the Mediterranean Seacoast, in the especially kitchen of Italians, where it is joined to both pastes and salad and even replaces a basilica, preparing the famous exposed sauce. Eruca sativa has the chilly taste of mustards and aroma of nuts, therefore it remarkably befits in lettuces of all kinds but as forgave meat meals.

Lettuces of asparaguses, which are named also for uisuna or vocu, are real giants of lettuces. Their trunk can reach almost at meter length. The productive trunk is covered by juicy leaves of lettuces, which are used in a food both fresh and extinguished.

The main advantage of asparaguses is it that they suck in nitrates and other pesticides less than other vegetables, besides in their leaves there are matters, which benevolently in affects nervous system, normalize blood pressure and lower a cholesterol leveling bloods.

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Name: Margret Santos 21/09/10 10:05 am
You make many good points. Blood pressure and hypertension have been interests of mine for a long time, and I think that a balanced holistic approach is overall the most promising.

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