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Shrimps – the smallest crustaceans’ residents in the sea with a mild taste. Shrimps are an excellent snack and ingredient for various salads, sauces and main dishes.

Depending from the place of residence the shrimps are divided in cold and warm water shrimps. The cold water shrimps live in the deep water, develop slowly and they are rich in different valuable nutrients, they are considered to be the tastiest ones.

King prawns are those who live warm water and they are the biggest of the shrimps and the color and hatching really reminds the tiger.

As shrimps get old very quickly, after the catching they are immediately kept frozen. In shops you can buy both fresh and uncooked and boiled with the shell and already without a shell- all frozen. Buying already cooked shrimps without shell you have to look if their tails are bent, otherwise you should not eat them.

Shrimps are best to freeze gradually in the lower compartment of the fridge. Both big and small shrimps are cleaned alike if only the big ones have the shell that is so tight that you must use a knife or scissors.

If you buy shrimps you must note that the shrimps bodies should not be yellow or with black spots. Good quality shrimps do not have almost any smell in only the scent of sea freshness. The shrimp shell must be healthy and not damaged.

The shrimp cleaning and preparation:

Start cleaning shrimps from the head, with a light twist pull it off.

With one hand hold the tail part, with the other hand take off the shell in the middle part together with the legs and spawn. The tail shell can be left unpulled off but if you squeeze the shrimps it is easy to take it off.

With a sharp knife cut the back and take out the black intestine if it has one.

There is no need to wash the shrimps, boil them with a shell in the freshwater not more than 5 minutes. When overdone they become tough. The shrimps can be cooked, steamed, grilled. King prawns are the most suitable for the grill. Skilled housewife does not throw out the shells because they can be used when cooking soup or making sauce.

The shrimps taste good with cheese, olives, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, greens. While cooking you should not use any hot spices which oppreses the mild taste of the shrimps.

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