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School time is coming - what to put in the child’s lunch box?

School time is coming and for many parents there are several important questions- how to ensure a healthy meal for their children? As it is known- school dinning tries to cook as healthy meal for the children as possible however there are quite a lot of parents who decide to give lunch box to their children in order to ensure that they eat sufficient meal. But what is the best what to put in the lunch box?

To ensure the child’s optimal mental and physical development you must take into account that child’s nutrition must be wholesome and diverse. None of the food products certainly contain all the necessary nutrients so a diverse product variety will ensure the organism with all the necessary nutrients.

Proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals are vital for a development of a child because each of those nutrients performs its functions.

Proteins are the main structure material of the human body which forms and restores and protects the body tissues. The richest sources of the proteins are milk, dairy products, eggs, lean meat, fish and legumes. In its turn carbohydrates is one of the main sources of energy and they are found in cereal products such as bread (it is better to use wholemeal bread), pasta porridges (oats, barley, buckwheat, pearl barley), which slowly processes that is why the energy form slower but it stays longer. These products are also a good source of ballast substances. As a carbohydrates source one must mention fruit and vegetables that will enrich our meal with all the vitamins and minerals.

Fat is also a source of energy for the body they participate in the cell formation and are necessary for the absorption and transportation of fat- soluble vitamins- A, D, E and K. However you must note that not all fats are good for you. It is easier to divide the fats into saturated fats or “bad” ones which are found in fat dairy products, fat meat and then there is unsaturated fats or “good” vegetable produce fats which are found in fish, poultry, lean beef meat. The best source of unsaturated fats is vegetable oils- olive, canola, and sunflower and soybean oils.

When preparing the meal for your child even when preparing the content of the lunch box one must take into account that you should less use products which have saturated fat acids- fat meat, fat milk, cream but on the other hand you should not give up those products always because the child’s organism needs also good saturated fat acids but only in smaller amounts than the “good” fats.

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