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Salt-free diet

This is the diet of 14 days, in time of which it is categorical forbidden to use salt, it means, that all meals prepared in diet time must be prepared without salt t. The certain menu must be noticed in a time of two weeks, if all conditions are noticed, then it is possible to be loose 4-5kg and simultaneous to put in an order the metabolism.

The diet’s conditions: it is forbidden to use salt, sugar, alcoholic and breadstuff, you can drink mineral water and cooked water between meals without limitations; it needs to be noticed the specified order of days and meals, that means that it is not dare to change by places days or meals if there are not specified the amount for meal or product then a portion size depends from your appetite, but it is unnecessary to overeat; begin a diet in the new moon, when an organism loses water easily, diet duration is14 days.

Diet menu:

1st day:

  • Breakfast - a black coffee
  • Dinner - 2 hardboiled eggs, salad from cooked cabbages with vegetable oil, glass of tomatoes juice or tomato
  • Supper - a fried in an oven or boiled fish, salad of fresh cabbages with vegetable oil

2nd day:

  • Breakfast - a black coffee, sea-biscuit
  • Dinner - a fried in an oven or boiled fish, salad of fresh cabbages with vegetable oil
  • Supper - 200g boiled beef, glass of kefir

3rd day:

  • Breakfast - a black coffee
  • Dinner - a l large celery root or carrot fried in vegetable oil, apples, tomatoes, mandarins
  • Supper - 2 hardboiled eggs, 200g boiled beef, cauliflower salad with vegetable oil

4th day:

  • Breakfast - a black coffee
  • Dinner - a l raw egg, 3 large carrots with vegetable oil
  • Supper - any fruit

5th day:

  • Breakfast - fresh, a grinded carrot with lemon juice
  • Dinner - 500g of a fat fish fried in oven or boiled, glass of tomato juice
  • Supper – un-fat fish fried in oven, salad of cabbages with vegetable oil

6th day:

  • Breakfast - a black coffee
  • Dinners - half from a boiled hen, a salad of fresh cabbage or carrots
  • Supper - 2 hardboiled eggs, glass of a grinded carrot with vegetable oil

7th day:

  • Breakfast - tea
  • Dinners - 200g boiled beef, fruit
  • Suppers - any dinner or supper by a choice, except 3rd day

8th day:

  • Begin with 1st day and repeat all
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