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With this type of sport everyone can exercise, regardless of the age.

But however the beginners and those who after some time want to resume and also those who are over 35 years old before starting exercising should consult their doctor and to make an electrocardiogram.

If everything is ok then you safely can start measure kilometres by running. Running is not recommended for those who have big overweight because running can cause big load on the joints.

Runners, especially those who are over 60 years old should bring with them enough fluids. The best for this case would be a mineral water with a low mineralization level and a rich amount of sodium hydrogen carbonate. If the body has enough water then bones and tissues are more elastic and there is less possibilities for any injuries.

Running unlike other sports is beneficial because you do not need any expensive training lessons; the only thing is you should not save your money on your running shoes.

Running encourages the fat exchange. Word “insomnia” for runners is strange. Runners in the course of time look younger and their muscles and skin becomes more firm.

Regular running improves heart function and blood circulation. Running has a positive effect on the person’s mental health and strengthens the willpower. Moreover- blood pressure improves, digestive and immune system functioning, cholesterol level stabilizes.

Not trained people very long running distances can cause unusual physical stress.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-10-03 11:28:59

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