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Roller-skating helps you to burn calories while being in the fresh air. It is one of the most accessible types of active sport - both when being alone, listening to the music, and when you are among your friends or in the family with children. But for extreme people there is a chance to enjoy breathtaking stunts in the skate parks, starting with the grab of your heel and even till the pirouette and jumping down the stairs.

Roller-skating ensure you with the thighs, bottom, and abdomen and chest musculature. If compared with walking or running the roller-skating causes less pressure of your joints. Even though the running is much more aerobic activity, it does not strain you leg muscles as much as roller-skating does.

As roller-skating is fast sport and accidents are possible even on a very smooth surface. Therefore you must think about safety. You need to have a helmet, knee and wrist guards. In addition some extra would be a waist bag which to put around your waist. If it is big enough you can put some extra replacement rollers, bearings, small first aid kit, as well as sunglasses and something for slaking your thirst.

For roller-skating it is best to choose smooth asphalt in as clean as possible surrounding. For your practices you should better choose places where there is no traffic.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-22 09:41:21

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