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Rice diet

Rice is a cultivated plant of the east. Rice contains very little fat, proteins and fiber which helps for overeating and very often it is recommended as a dietary product. Rice diet lasts for seven days and during it you can loose up to 4 kg. It is very good body purifications diet!

First day: Steamed rice for 5 meals. As a side dish- an apple.

Second day: Steamed rice for 5 meals. As a side dish- two bananas.

Third day: Steamed rice, add very little raisin. Instead or rice eat lean cottage cheese at dinner.

Fourth day: Steamed rice for 4 meals. As a side dish- 5 mandarins or small oranges. At dinner you can eat a slice of boiled beef.

Fifth day: Steamed rice for 5 meals. As a side dish – grapes up to 200g. At dinner- warm tea with a teaspoon of honey.

Sixth day: Steamed rice and as a side dish dried apricots and walnuts. At dinner- one hard boiled egg.

Seventh day: Steamed rice. As a side dish – two mellow bananas. Tea with honey.

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