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Regular weighing

It gives possibility to determine, whether the energy amount taken by feeds is optimum. An unchanging weight specifies that the accepted energy fits to spend. Weighing each week and changing meal by a necessity, it is possible to correct the body weight. The body weight also can be set by other methods. Orienting weight increase stipulates by calculating of the normal weight after the Brock index. In accordance with it, a normal body weight is identical in kilograms with height 100 cm. Rejection for 10 - 15 % from the obtained number specifies on the different human body structure. If a number differs more than for 20 %, it must be started to worry for an incongruous an organism mass.

Room scales not always are exact. Stocky men suppose that scales are biased, but they flatter to thin and easy flesh type building men. In nowadays the Body mass index (BMI) is enough objective by which the various weight classes are distributed.

Evaluate the accordance of weight the to criteria of a decent feel, stipulate the Body mass index! (BMI) The calculation is following: body mass in the kilograms divide with human length in meters, promote in a square. An example. A 182 high man weights 79 kg., 1,82 m in square is 3, 31 KMI = 76 kg: 3,31 = 22, 9 If KMI is less than 18, weight is insufficient. Increasing body mass, a feel and abilities to work will also improve. It is recommendable to use the food rich in calories. An index bordered from 19 to 25 testifies to a normal weight, 26 - 30 - for a small obesity. It is recommendable to diminish body weight, that deviate from getting ill with such metabolism illnesses as Diabetes mellitus (Diabetes), gout or violations of fats metabolisms. BMI, what is larger than 30, from the medical point of view testify to a risky superfluous weight. It is necessary to diminish it.

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