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Pomegranate is similar to a big apple with a tubular growth at the end. Leatherback red coat is not eatable. Inside the fruit there are lot of bitter seeds- due to those seeds fruit has gained its name.

Cut the fruit and eat it directly from the coat as a refreshing drink or hollow out the seeds and use them in salad or as a decoration of a dessert.

Pay attention to the colourful juice which you can add to the drink but take into account that it is not possible to wash out the juice stains.

Pomegranate’s sweet sour flavour and beautiful colours can be used as a basis for sauces and marinades for the kills.

Pomegranates are not recommended for those who are sensitive because they can cause heartburn and even the disorders of the stomach.

Do not use pomegranate if you have gastritis or problems with intestines!

The homeland of the pomegranate is Persia and it has important role in the Muslim menu.

Due to the big amount of the seed this fruit has been a symbol of fertility.

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