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Pineapple diet

Who does not know the juicy and rich in vitamins pineapple? It is very well known fresh fruit! Pineapple is a very decorative on a fruit dish and it is excellent in salads and drinks. Good to know that pineapple contains bromelain- digestive enzymes- it is real fruit for a closing of daily meal.

It is worth trying pineapple diet!

For this diet you will need pineapple and pineapple juice (fresh without sugar).

Choose a mellow pineapple- check the top leaf in the middle, if it is dry and it cracks when you pull it then this pineapple is mellow. This large, juicy pineapple has to be divided for four meals. Do not forget about the pineapple juice- you need to ingest the certain amount of it (about one liter).

So during this diet you cannot eat anything else, only pineapple with pineapple juice. In this way you can loose up to 2 kg a day.

Remember! You cannot diet for more than once in a week; you can repeat it and feel better!

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-09 10:41:51

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