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Oriental diet

The oriental diet has become one of the most popular because it is not difficult. It can be easy to prepare and without any excessive expenditures. This diet needs to be taken for 10 days. Every day you will have the same menu. The diet must be interrupted if you get bored with one of the products. During this diet you have to drink a lot of liquids. During this diet you can loose some kilos (up to 7kg).

Early breakfast - a cup of tea with sugar.

Breakfast - boiled egg, 150 g of dried plums.

Lunch - approx. 200g boiled chicken fillet, a little fresh carrot or cabbage salad, for a desert- an orange or apple, by choice.

Afternoon snack - 100 g cheese slices. Also during this meal you must eat one of the fruits- an orange or apple.

Dinner- 1 glass of milk or kefir.

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