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Nuts. There are a wide range of nuts in the world. Although they are rich in calories and fat, they do not contain cholesterol! Nuts are excellent assistant towards a healthy diet! They stimulate the brain activity. Each nut has a special flavour and they perfectly supplement you menu.


Almonds. The homeland of almonds is the Far East. Almonds are the fruits of almond tree. Almonds are the richest source of nutrients.

They have more potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein than in milk. It is no secret that almond oil is used in beauty procedures as a skin regenerator, both internally and externally.

In order it would be easier to take off the brown skin off, pour over the almonds boiling water.

Almonds contain vitamins A and E therefore they are called as the source of youth.


Walnuts. The homeland of walnuts is Central Asia and Caucasus.

These nuts contain fat (60-70%), proteins, vitamins K and P, amino acids.

You ca also find healthy omega3 fat acids in walnuts.

Walnuts team up with chocolate.

Walnuts protect the skin because they contain minerals which protect it from the harmful ultraviolet rays’ effect.

It is recommended to use walnuts in autumn and winter. They are especially recommended for atherosclerosis and diabetes patients because they reduce the level of cholesterol.

Preparations of walnuts are expectorated, stimulating, they are used against curvy and worms. Walnuts regulate the stomach and intestinal tract.


Cedar nuts. Cedar- pine has cones that contain cedar- nuts. Cedar- nuts are tasty and sweet therefore they are usually added to the salads and desserts.

Cedar- nuts are rich in fat- 65%. Cedar- nuts contain proteins and carbohydrates- 18%.

Cedar- nuts have also therapeutical effect which improves the human capacity.

Siberia inhabitants use these nuts to tone up the organism.

From cedar- nut oil, powder (cedar milk) can be extracted.


Brazil nuts. The homeland of Brazil nuts is – the jungles of Amazon.

The Brazil nuts contain a lot of selenium. Only three nuts a day provide the daily selenium intake for women.

Brazil nuts contain valuable minerals which prevent the cell damage.


Pistachios.The homeland of pistachios is Syria.

Pistachios are oval or oval conical, small, in pale green colour with a pleasant sweet flavour and mild aroma of resin.

Nuts contain: 50-65%f at, 12-23% of proteins, 17% carbohydrates, 3% cellulose, and water- not more than 10%.

Pistachios strengthen the body and improve the brain activity.

Pistachios must be used in case of anemia, cough or after serious diseases- in order to speed up the recovery process.

From pistachios oil can be extracted but pistachios cake are used in the production of halva.


Cashew nuts. Cashew nuts are very similar to the pea’s legume. The homeland of these nuts is Brazil but they are grown in India. Cashew nuts the same as other nuts are excellent source of protein and fibers.

They contain a lot of unsaturated fats which help to protect the heart.

Cashew nuts contain vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium. Similar as the ground-nuts Cashew nuts are usually salted.

They contain a lot of iron that is necessary for the red corpuscles creation and also magnesium which provided the energy and contributes the bone growth. Phosphorus- forms teeth and bones. Zinc- is important for the digestive system, selenium- which has important antioxidant effects.

Cashew nuts contain very little fat if comparing with other nuts. Cashew nuts do not contain any cholesterol.

One portion of cashew nuts contains 18 medium size nuts. If you do not want to get more weight it is not recommended to eat more than 3 portions in one week.

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