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Nutrition during the pregnancy

Although a woman everyday eats healthy there has to be paid a special attention to pregnant woman nutrition and it is possible that a pregnant woman will have to change her menu. They say that during pregnancy you have to eat for two. But it does not mean that you must eat more food, it means that you must eat products which are good quality and rich in vitamins and minerals (are not chemically processed and do not contain too much E additives).

Pregnant woman must avoid the food with hormonal additives.

During the pregnancy the fetus develops the most quickly.

The pregnant woman must go over her menu- does she uses enough greens, vegetables, fruit and wholemeal products. Proper menu will help the pregnant woman to carry a healthy child, not to gain too much weight and to feel good.

Pregnant woman should avoid the overweight and the lack of weight because there can occur some complications while waiting the baby.

Pregnant woman must avoid fat products! It includes cakes, sweets, in fat backed meat, butter and French fries. And also she must give up coffee and cola. She must good quality food; organism will tell a pregnant woman what she needs!

Wholemeal products are especially necessary during pregnancy because they are the best source of proteins and their rich sources of fibres prevents from constipation which is a very common problem during pregnancy.

Fish- contains omega3 fat acids which are important for a baby and a mother (the child’s heart, immunity, brain). Fat fish are rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore during the pregnancy you should eat- warts, trouts, salmon (the fish should not be eaten salted. (It is better to choose lightly salted fish). They should choose fish which is grown in a farm in order no to get the opposite result- different health disorders because fish contain environmental and toxic substances. If a pregnant woman does not use fish in her menu- it can be replaced with walnuts (walnuts contain omega3 fat acids).

Restrict the salty food using. If salt is being overdosed- there can be water retention in the organism. High dose of sodium can cause pregnancy complications, it can increase blood pressure. Hot food should not be eaten during the pregnancy.

Pregnant woman should not be friends with alcohol or cigarettes. These poisons can cause some difficulties, complications, even a spontaneous abortion and congenital pathology for a baby. If alcohol has become a habit- as a pleasantly sip, a pregnant woman should think about it again, she should replace it with water or fresh fruit juice. Alcoholism can be inherited to a baby and baby can get an alcohol addict.

Water must be ingested in a sufficient amount, because the fluid consumption during the pregnancy increases. During the pregnancy a woman must drink not least then 10 glasses a day.

Pregnant woman must eat poultry! Poultry meat contains more proteins than other meat. Fatty meat during a pregnancy is not good for a baby because it can cause sickness.

The need of iron increases during the pregnancy. Red meat- is one of the best sources of iron. Beans, legumes and dried fruit are rich in iron.

Folic acid is protective against the child’s neural tube development defect. Therefore folic acid is necessary for every pregnant woman. Folic acid contains peanuts, fruits, grains and pasta.

During pregnancy one should not forget about calcium! Calcium can be ingested with cheese, yogurt, cow milk, wholemeal products. It is necessary for teeth, bones and skin health. In the skeleton of a fetus calcium starts to from only in the third trimester of pregnancy when for the growth of the fetus 200 mg are necessary daily. In the organism of a mother the absorption of calcium increases starting already with the second trimester, forming a calcium reserves for the growth of the fetus and for the subsequent lactation process. The recommended dose during a pregnancy and during the lactation process is 1200 mg daily.

Vegetarians should plan that they would have enough vitamin B12 because the lack of this vitamin can cause anaemia.

One should not forget about meals! So it would be advisable to eat 5-6 times a day! But it does not mean that a pregnant woman should eat too much in order there would not be a tendency for sickness and vomiting. Therefore a pregnant woman should eat more often but smaller portions.

If a pregnant woman already in the morning has sickness then she should not totally refuse from the food.

In such cases some crackers can help. If a pregnant woman has a dislike for food smell then it would be preferably that the relatives would treat her and cook food for her.

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