A normal body weight

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A normal body weight

It is necessary to unite a diet with the physical activities. Sport employments improve circulation of blood, promote the organism universal metabolism, as also decompose the accepted fats with a food. Alongside it affects positive action of gut, regulates the satiety feeling and improves a mood. Both men and women, which in are diet time engaged in sport, feel incomparable better.

How to reach the optimal weight? Diets already become as ordinary component for fight with the superfluous weight from age-old times. They are very much various, but they rarely give the desirable result for longer period of time. Ordinary the „Jo –jo” effect begun - body mass oscillations:

it falls in diet time, and then matures again. Especially sport kinds are remarkable in diet time: cycle racing, swimming, walks, yoga and gymnastics. The already known must be remembered not only eating and drinking, but also going in for sports:” Better more frequently, but less, not always and much!” To this it needs to decompose energy so that they last for time of all training. Running or cycling together with a friend, the speed must be that you can speak with a partner.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 20:21:20

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Name: Amiewp 07/04/08 12:39 am
thats for sure, dude

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