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Fishes do not differ from the warm-blooded animals.

Fish meat contains about 20% of proteins, 14-28 % of fat, minerals and vitamins.

Especially rich in vitamins A and D are fish livers from which rich fish oil is derived. There are a lot of lime, phosphorus, iron in fish meat and sea fish are rich in iodine. Fish meat has little connective tissue therefore they are quickly to boil and easily to digest; there are little of extractive substances in fish meat.

There are two types of fish- lean fish and fat fish. Lean fish are pike, cod, herring, carp, perch and other fish. Lean fish have fat content of around 10% but the fat fish it has almost 28%. Fish are prepared in various ways: boiled, backed, smoked, stewed and smoked.

In nutrition fish caviar is used.

Fish caviar contains sufficient proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. 100 g pressed caviar gives 280 calories to your body. There is black and red caviar available; black caviar is made of sturgeon fish roe, red- from salmon roe. Caviar is a product which triggers appetite so it is very popular snack.

Also crayfish, prawns and crabs are not only delicious but also valuable in nutrients. These animal tails contain 14-16% of proteins, 1-2% of fat and it is rich in minerals.

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