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Minnesota’s clinic diet

A diet is foreseen for rapid loose of the weight (patients before the operations) and cleaning of the organism. The decent feel proceeds, you can feel the affluence of force. Noticing a diet correctly, it is possible to lose 4-7kg in a week. Diet’s conditions: It is not allowed to use any alcohol, because it will detain liquidations of fat in the organism, if is foreseen to use an alcohol, then stop a diet at least 24 hours before the usage of the alcoholic, diet’s key: " the fat burning soup ", eat the soup every day and so often how only you want (the more you eat – the more you lose the weight, it is important to notice order of products’ eating and do not allow own fantasies or corrections, the diet can be continued protractedly, but if you lost already 6 - 9kg, then it is necessary to hold a pause on 2 days, then you can again continue a diet, if you interrupt the in diet, you can start it again from the first day, do not eat in time of soups, when a diet is not noticed!

Soup recipe: 6 middle onions, few tomatoes (it can also be canned), a small head of cabbage, 2 green peppers, some celery, a cube of clear soup. 1st day: soup+ fruits, drink much water, you can eat any fruit, except bananas, there is less calories in melons and in water-melons than in other fruits. 2nd day: soup + vegetables, you can eat any vegetables till the satiety feeling, both fresh and canned, from afar leguminous plants and corn, in this day you can make dinner from 2 potatoes, which are press with oil. 3rd day: soup + fruits + vegetable, drink much water, no potatoes, if you noticed a diet zealous, then 2,3 - 3,2 kg is already lost. 4th day: soup+ fruit+ vegetables + banana, you can eat vegetable, milk soup, fruit how much you can but only 3 bananas, drink much water. 5th day: soup+ beef+ tomatoes, you can eat 283,5 - 500g of meat a jar or fresh tomatoes without limitations, it must to be drunk 6-8 glasses of water, the soup must be eaten at least once a day. 6th day: soup + beef + vegetable (especially lettuce) meat and vegetables can be eaten as you want (even 2-3 beefsteaks!), to drink much! 7th day: the brown rice + juice of fruit+ vegetables + soup, the rise can be added to the soup or prepare together with vegetables + curry. Important: Categorical forbidden to use bread, alcohol, sparkling drinks, to join fats during the preparing a meal! To weigh each morning! Eat soup every day, barely feel hunger! The fat must be taken away from meat (from a hen - skin).

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 17:33:10

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Name: Vija 27/05/10 6:20 am
I live in Europe, LV. I am 29 years old femaile. After having my first born child I couldn't get off my last five punds. I tried a lot of diets + excercises, nothing worked! Then I heard about this diet and tried it. I lost everything that I needed and wanted, I feel great, and it's been three months after I finished with this diet and not a pound has come back and I eat everything. + this diet will change the way you think about food and what you put inside of your body. I suggest to try this diet, just do it exactly how it's written and nothing else. Good luck!

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