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The women already knew about the usage of milk in cosmetology a long ago. The famous doctor Avicenna said, that milk is most valuable, what is met in nature, because it benevolently operates both used internal and external. He supposed that it can be freed from the dark spots of pigments, what sometime appears on a skin, during the drinking of milk glass every day.

But, if for example join also a bit of honey, it will give a healthy paint of face to person in any circumstances.

Milk contains approximately three hundred nourishing and biological active matters. Besides their correlations is decently adjusted to man. The calcium, being in milk, strengthens nails, teeth and hair, but vitamins take the care of skin beauty and health.

There are uncountable industrially made cosmetology means where the milk is used in, without a direct application of milk in cosmetology. For example, milk proteins make the hair silky, award them brilliance and stimulate their growth.

Milk’s albumen affect benevolently on skin. It becomes tender and elastic. Vitamins and mineral substances promote the metabolism, but milk acid improves the universal state of skin.

The mask, which is prepared of skim milk cottage cheese, olive oil, milk and juices of carrots are fresh pressed taken in identical parts befits each skin type. Mix up all and cover the face for 20 minutes, at the very beginning to rinse a face with warm, afterwards cold water when taking off a mask.

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