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Meat in the nutrition

Meat. Meat food is used in the daily nutrition almost every day. Meat- animal products, one of the main proteins source. The meat is obtained from the killed animals. Meat consists of muscle tissues, adipose tissue, connective tissue and bone.

In the nutrition we consume wild animals, domestic animals, poultry and fish meat. Meat contains valuable nutrients for the body well used in varying amounts depending on the species characteristics and nutrition. In the meat there is 8-20 % of proteins, 30-50 % of fat, 70-80% of water and 1 % of minerals. There are little carbohydrates in the meat. In addition there are quite a lot of vitamin of group B, there is little vitamin C. Some animals such as pigs, sheep, geese, eels, etc. are able to deposit their fat therefore their meat is fat with a value of calories. The amount of fat and protein value in the meat is highly dependent on animal nutrition. Well fed animals have muscle fibres have grown together with fat, therefore this meat is juicy and tasty and the level of amino acid proteins is very suitable for the body of the human. But bad fed animals have less fat in their meat; it has less unsaturated fat acids and also the level of proteins has decreased, there is only connective tissue that does not contain all the necessary substances for your organism. The amount of connective tissue of well fed animals is 9.6%, of middle fed animals- 12.3% and for poorly fed animals 14%.

The composition of amino acid proteins in the meat is very different. The muscle proteins contain all the necessary amino acids.

There are nitrogen containing, in water soluble substances which are called nitrogenous extractive substances (0,3-0,4%). These substances give the meat unusual flavour and are a powerful agent for digestive juices. When boiling meat it can get in the water and gives the typical clear soup flavour. Boiled meat has less extractive substances therefore it is used in various “soft” diets, in the backed meat there are a lot of these substances. In the new animal meat there are less extractive substances than it is in the old animal meat that is why you cannot get tasty clear soup of this meat. In the wild bird meat the peculiar extractive substances gives a clear soup hot taste with unpleasant taste, therefore wild bird meat can be cooked only by backing or stewing.

Animal fat content is very different and depending on the fat acid types has higher or lower melting temperature. If the fat has lower melting temperature, the human body uses them better. The highest melting temperature is for sheep meat fat- 55 degrees, then next comes beef meat fat- 50 degrees, pork and poultry met- 30 degrees. In the beef fat there are little unsaturated fat acid but in pork and poultry meat there are much unsaturated fats. The biological value of bone and nerve tissue fat is very high because they are rich in lecithin and unsaturated fat acids.

In the meat there are phosphorus, calcium, magnum, sodium and chorine compounds. The amount of iron in the meat depends on the amount of fat and blood. The human body uses iron compounds really well. Meat contains all vitamins but the most there are group B vitamins besides and moreover there are more vitamins in liver, kidney and brain than it is in muscles. The amount of vitamin C is small.

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