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Lunar phases’ diet

Moon energy affects the human body. It is good to know the meaning of the lunar phases because it can influence you diet!

The meaning of full moon during your diet

The research indicates that after full moon the appetite is getting bigger but the weight does not increase. Therefore during this phase you can loose your weight! This diet needs to be taken for 2 days before the full moon phase. During these days you must eat 2 times smaller portions. Try some of the fruit or juice diets which will let you to fight with your big hunger.

The meaning of waning moon during your diet

During this time the human organisms is not as sensitive as during the full moon phase. You can eat as usual and the weight will not increase. During this time unhealthy substances are being eliminated from you body. You will not feel big hunger as it was before- during the full moon phase.

The meaning of new moon during you diet

This is the best time for starving! You have to drink a lot of liquids. But in no case do not eat a lot of salted and sweet; reduce the sugar and salt level in your blood. The liquids have important role, they will improve you metabolism and also will preserve your gained weight during the full moon phase.

The meaning of waxing moon during your diet

During this time you have to pay special attention to the intake of liquids. Do not eat smaller portions because during this time your body is very sensitive and it makes additional reserves. Do not starve! But it is recommended to have your last meal till 18 o’clock in the evening! From 15-17 o’clock it is recommended to drink a lot of liquids!

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