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Loose you weight with the GI method

GI means glycemic index and it is used to asses how food containing carbohydrates raise blood sugar level. Daily it is not important to know all the glycemic indexes but it is very important to note which groups of products has low level, which- medium and which groups –high level. For example, the highest glycemic index is in products that contain white flour and sugar, the medium index is in potatoes and rye bread, but the lowest index is in vegetables, also meat, fish and other carbohydrate-free products.

GI method - (1) first step

In order to loose your weight gradually the first task is to stabilize blood sugar level and to promote your metabolism. Why it is so important? The answer- the less will be desire for sugar and sweets, the faster will increase the fat burning and ability to concentrate.

First of all, during the first week you should not sharply reduce the amount of food products with high glycemic index, such as bread and other flour products, cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes and beans. In its turn you should eat more products that contain proteins, fibers and also a bit of high-fat products.


* Proteins- fish, meat, poultry, eggs, crustaceans and mollusks as much as you want, but certainly at least 450g per day.

* Dietary fibers- vegetables and fruits- the more, the best! If you have headache, eat for example a carrot, cauliflower, sweet pepper or broccoli, but certainly at least 500g per day.

* Olive oil, butter, cheese, fish, avocado which contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids, that is why these fat containing products are good for your heath and won’t harm you body shape. Attention- avoid the margarine!

What not to eat- carbohydrates (bread and other breadstuff, cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes and beans.

It is advisable to drink at least two liters of water (avoid the alcohol!).

The first step regime is better to take into account for two weeks. If you want to stay in this regime for more in order to loose more weight do not do it for more than six weeks. During first step choose only low- intensity physical activity, such as long walks and easy morning run.

GI method- (2) second step

Continuing the started regime you can increase the amount of carbohydrates in your nutriment. You can stay in the second step until you have reached the desired weight and have stabilized the blood sugar. Caution- if you are training and exercising a lot, you need a lot of energy and that is why you need a lot of carbohydrates comparing with the amount you spent them!


* Dietary fibers- vegetables (especially fresh, uncooked), fruit (with a skin), cereals (coarse, whole meal flour products- bread, bran bread, whole wheat bread), bran, lentils, mushrooms and nuts. For breakfast you can already taste the unsweetened whole grain flakes with dried fruit (best-figs, prunes), nuts and some slices of rye bread.

* You must use more olive oil instead of butter.

What not to eat- refrain from white flour products, white bread, pasta dishes, rice and potatoes.

GI method – (3) the third step

It is called as stability because it helps to maintain low and stabile insulin formation which ensures stable blood sugar level. Maintaining before the gained positive results you should continue to eat products with low or middle GI value. Since about 50 % of the nutrition must be carbohydrates, instead of white bread and sweets you should choose wholemeal products and fruits. At this stage (unlike the first one) you have to consider fat and the amount of calories in the nutrition, therefore you should avoid the fat and carbohydrate combinations, for example chocolate bars.

Action plan:

* If you want lose your weight you have to start with the first step because it will start the weight loosing process but do not overreact! The minimal amount of carbohydrates you must take up for 6 weeks. If you feel tired everyday then you must take diet only for two weeks.

* If there are only few excessive kilograms you can start already with the second step. And even if there is a big overweight but you have started exercise regularly.

* In the last the third step you can stay forever.

* If you feel that the overweight is coming back for a while you can return to the first or second step.

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