The life - giving force of water

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The life-giving force of water

The ancient people has evaluated the capabilities treat of water high, therefore bathing quite often becomes even for part from a culture. Sea water is a remarkable mean that a quickly diminished fatigue. It is not needful go on a sea to arrange on your own such a bathing, It is enough with sea salt baths. It is better when salt is enriched with the extracts of sea water-plants. Such water restores forces quickly, besides it the sea salt contains mineral matters, which composition is very close to blood plasma, therefore such bathing has benevolently influence in metabolism processes. It is recommendable to hold on a hand small bottle quipped by sprinklers with a still mineral water in a hot time. Sprinkle a skin with this mineral water time on time, to support a level of its humidity and equilibrium of restored mineral substances. One of the more popular water procedures is contrast shower. In the morning it helps to wake up quickly, but in the evening -to diminish tension and fatigue. Contrast shower improve circulation of blood and immunity, promote metabolism, diminish sweat and narrow pores. Contrast shower begin from feet and send up, on a heart. It is desirable to finish procedure with cold water that narrows the blood vessels.

After contrast shower is not recommended to wipe oneself in a towel, but to allow a skin dry, so diminishing humidity evaporation.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 19:54:10

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