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Learn to relax!

Long-term psychological stress not only makes you ill but also prevents the fat burning process and contributes the fat storing. The relaxation courses or conscious and correct relaxation helps to loose weight.

Find some quiet place, the best – a place where you could lie down and put your legs higher than your head. While sleeping in such position try to think good and pleasant thoughts.

One of the most popular forms of relaxation is the autogenic training. Lie on your back, arms along the side, repeat in your thoughts for several times the following:

  • My arms and legs are heavy

  • May arms and my legs are warm

  • My heart beats calmly and strongly

  • My body radiates the heat

  • My forehead is pleasantly cool.

What you say in your thoughts really happens therefore indulge to the process but do not exaggerate. Try to do such exercise twice a day and you will feel the results.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-15 09:18:12

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