King prawns in dough

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King prawns in dough

12 uncooked king prawns

6 Spring Roll dough plates (25x25)

1 juice of lemon



Olive oil

For sauce:

150g yogurt

100g mayonnaise

1 table spoon of tomato mash

1 garlic lobule



For sauce you must mix the yogurt with mayonnaise and tomato mash. Add the crushed garlic and salt and pepper to taste.

Clean the prawns, leaving the tails, sprinkle with salt, pepper and lemon juice and 2 table spoons of olive oil, leave to pickle for 20-30 minutes.

Defreeze the dough plates, cut them in two and wrap tightly the shrimp in it, leaving the tail outside. Stick wooden throught the rools; cook them in hot oil until the dough is golden brown. When done put them on the paper towel and let the excess oil to run off. Serve on the plates covered with lettuce with the prepared sauce.

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-15 10:28:21

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