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Indulge your legs

In a summer, when the largest loading on foot is in the heat impression, turn a larger attention to them.

Already in the beginning of the day you need to struggle to prepare legs for loading, therefore after morning shower legs and thighs up to knees are recommended to grease with a softening cream, what contains by skins softening matters and lavenders or tea-wood oil. Cover the cream with easy massaging motions, at first carefully pounding feet, in such way promoting the circulation of blood.

Oil the cream In the skin of thighs in the direction from ankles up with easy circular motions. Finally do motions caressing with hands once or twice, as though pulling on a leg stocking. After the long day legs can be a slightly swollen quite often, being ill. The most rapid kind, as to diminish the fatigue of legs, is a cool bath of legs, joined to water baths a salt with a lavender extract. You can utilize also bubble- balls s with lavender. It is recommendable on a few minutes to adjoin and to lift legs upwards

after this procedure. In a summer it is recommendable to cover the nails of legs with a nail varnish. It protects the nails from a humidity loss and influence of the UV. Each morning and evening make the contrast shower to diminish sweat of legs in which circulation of blood also will be stimulated.

Extract of pine-needles or salvia will help against sweat what will provide a refreshing effect.

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 19:35:23

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