The hot drink in e winter cold

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The hot drinks in a winter cold

Water is our body foundation -the most presented matter in a human organism. Even there is at least 50% water in the organism of very old men. The more biological active is an organ, the more intensive are bio-chemical processes in it and the more water is in it. There is about 80% water in the brains of a grown man, 70-75%- in internal organs, in bones - 30-40%. Organism water supplies must be supplemented continually, because they dry up on various kinds each moment. Forgetting this, we cause damage to our health.

It needs to accept at least 2,5-3 liters of water to grown man in a day. In a summer even more- to five liters, because a body loses water more in a heat, active moving. An organism makes approximately 200-400ml water in a process of metabolism by itself- we call it for the endogenous or internal water.

We accept almost liter of liquid with a meal, because water is contained by any food product- even there is a 14% water in a sea-biscuit. A remarkable water source is also so the called liquid meals, which people name as drinks: milk, kefir, buttermilk, curdled milk etc. Other water must be taken with various drinks: water, coffee, tea, herbal decoction, juices etc.

These conditions are easily to be noticed in a summer, because there is the bigger thirst in a hot time. Opposite in the winter, feeling of thirsts is not so offered and, it seems that the choice of drinks is also decently limited. We do not like even to think about water and mineral water in a cold, wet time. Thirst after anyhow fiery hot and encouraging, what is warming both a flesh and soul.

The hot drinks… herbal teas- what are delicious and healthy. The black and green tea - the black and green tea will taste good in a cold time. The rights to call in this name have the unique tea - plant, from which the green and black teas are obtained. Both teas are made from the leaves of this plant, but a refinement process of the black tea is more merciless and large part of biological active matter substantial diminish or disappear in the process: microelements, vitamins, organic acids. Therefore the green tea is much more valuable as the black tea. Although the green and black tea contains caffeine in an identical amount, an organism sucks it from the green tea approximately for a half less than from black. That is a reason why the green tea can be used in no limited amounts but the black tea is not good to drink every day.

Extracts on berries and hot “jam-water”. The extracts on berries are fragrant, delicious and medical: “compacted” fresh cranberries or cowberries or smoked wild ashes pour with a hot water. So called “jam- water” is not less valuable. 1-1,5 soupspoons of jam are poured with 300-400 ml water. Fruit compotes and fruit-juice gelatin. It can be weld on both fresh and smoked fruit and berries in fruit compote. Joining a bit of potato-starch, we obtain a thicker drink- fruit-juice gelatin. Fruit compotes and fruit-juice gelatin also can be drunk hot. They do not cool off so quickly - as thicker are drinks, as longer it saves a heat. They can be also warmed up. The hot juice of oranges - 2/3 juices rarefy with a 1/3 water and heats a liquid till it begins to bubble. The juice of oranges is very much delicious, from which we obtain bitter - sweet and a very fragrant drink. Grog - the grog is popular among the people, which, drunk in the time, will help effective to prevent cold crop rotations or in beginning stage of the viruses’ infection illness. Mix up 1,5 - 2 soupspoons jam with 50-60 grams alcohol of 40-50 degrees in a large mug. Continuing to mix slowly pours a hot water, tea or coffee. In such kind alcohol does not position on the upper side of the drink, but is mixed with drink, and the alcohol is not often susceptible by taste and a smell. The best is to choose jam of blackberries or raspberries, because these berries have medical properties.

It is necessary to convert for a ritual enjoying of a hot drink: the hot mug, what warms hands, the hot and sweet-scented steams in face, the pleasure and pleasant mood created by the fragrant warm and drink!

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 19:09:29

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