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We use different drinks every day, for example lemonades, coffee etc. But not everything is good for our health - organism, look, feel. And one wonderful alternative often is forgotten, which the nature gives to us by itself - herbal teas. They have not only pleasant taste, but also health well-disposed qualities.

Tea of the forest raspberries - this tea has a pleasant taste. It contains sugars, organic acids (mainly citric acid and apple acid), also the C and B group vitamins, carotene, and ethereal oil. Tea of raspberries is also very much suitable in a case of flu and cold illness.

Tea of birch sheets and buds - the buds of birches contain approximately the 5% ethereal oil with a pleasant balm smell. There are the 0,005% ethereal oil, C vitamin in the sheets of birches. This tea has strengthening and restorative character, which will be useful in end of winter. And, surely, it can not be forgotten for juices of birches in a spring, which is rich with the vitamins of a various kind.

Tea of chicories – the more used as a coffee deputy, because this tea has the characteristic coffee taste. Suitable things are also included in its composition, for example, calcium, ferrous, carotene, and B1 group’s vitamins. Chicories also have calming influence.

Tea of cranberries – the cranberries tea has a pleasant taste, it contains C, B group vitamins, various microelements etc., what is useful also in a case of cold against a cough and running nose, head pains, fever. And this tea is also universal complex of vitamins, what strengthens us. Especially delicious is to drink this tea with honey.

Tea of blackberries - the sheets of blackberries contains the organic acids, pectic substances, tannin, inosit, C vitamin. This tea enriches an organism with vitamins, as also calms, what will be useful also in a sleepless case.

Tea of caraway-seeds - caraway-seeds contain the ethereal oil, what awards this tea a strong and pleasant smell and taste. Tea can also help, for example, in the case of digestion violations. It must be matched, that usage of caraway-seeds is very much spacious - also in baking of bread, cheeses, canning of vegetables and fishes etc.

Chamomile tea - the flowers of chamomiles contain to the 1,9% ethereal oil, organic acids, cholin, mucilaginous substances, carotene, B and C vitamins and other suitable matters. This tea is useful also in a case of cold or sleepless. This tea has pleasant, tender taste and smell, which very much likes to children. One glass of chamomiles tea, drunk before sleep, helps to fall asleep.

Tea of cloud-berries - this tea richly contains the C vitamin, therefore it is favorite used for strengthen and tone up of organism. Lime - flower tea - we know for lime- flower tea already from a grandmother. It has pleasant taste and smell, it can be used also in the various critical situations-, if you happened to catch a cold, if insomnia or cough torments.

Tea of whortleberries - it contains tannin, carotene, protein, oils, and C and B group vitamins. A very much comprehensive tea, which both strengthen and helps, for example, if there will ache a child belly.

Tea of mints - mints contain the ethereal oil, in which more than 40 health suitable connections are opened, as also carotene, bethain and other. Mints also are very much used both in a perfumery both in cookery and in medicine. There is a pleasant taste and smell in this tea, as also the included menthol refreshes remarkably. Usage of mint’s tea as a strengthening mean against exhaustion, rheumatism, treatment of pains of teeth.

Teas of blackberries and strawberries - these plants are also very much used in medicine. But as teas they have not only very pleasant and refreshing taste, but also the spacious complex of vitamins included in composition remarkably strengthens and encourage.

Tea of heathers - heathers contain very much manganese, as also other biological the active matters. So as heathers are nectar plants, then the tea has a pleasant taste. And this tea also remarkably clears a skin, because heathers sometimes are named “blood cleaners”. Let’s enjoy herbal teas!

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