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Herbal teas: green tea

It is one of the most favorite teas of all times. It contains powerful nutrients called catechesis which allows the liver to cleave the fat. As the catechesis improves metabolism green tea is recommended also because of another powerful antioxidant, more powerful than vitamin C and it has anti-cancer qualities because it prevents the formation of a urokinase enzyme, which is necessary for the growth of the caner cells.

Green tea cleans the oral cavity, it prevents the emergence of a hole in a tooth, and it refreshes the breath and protects the root canal.

Green tea is one of the natural vitamin K sources which positively affect the development of strong bones. In the daytime you can drink as much green tea as you want but you can not drink it in the evening because one cup of tea contains 40 mg of caffeine. Milk neutralizes the effect of antioxidants.

Green tea can:

  • Fight against dangerous bacteria.

  • Prevent the viruses

  • Gives the stimulating effect, at the same time does not make you nervous and does not cause insomnia.

  • Reduces the appetite.

  • Prevents the weight gain.

  • Maintains the balance of your body liquids.

  • Slows down the processed of aging by preventing free radical damages to the cells.

In Latvia green tea can be purchased in pharmacies, special food shops and healthy product shops.

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