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Healthy fat - it is an excellent addition to your gourmet menu!

Spring is a season when we pay an extra attention to our look and the way we feel. Sickness, irritation, tiredness- let it be related with the winter. Spring is like a New Year when it is possible to start things over. Maybe you could start your determination by eating healthy food and by exercising more?

Now it is popular to talk about the meaning of nutrition, quality, and healthy food and very often diets are related with the healthy lifestyle that demands kind of immolation- you have to refuse from the habitual delicacies in order to loose some kilos.

In the shopping centre „Sky& More” shop „Vom Fass” good taste consultant Kaspars Vendelis thinks that healthy lifestyle does not mean the diets but the balanced nutrition and regular physical activity, and also it is not right to think that between delicious and healthy meal it is not possible to put equality sign. The attitude to the food is important, the way we perceive it, feel and enjoy. K. Vendelis emphasizes that the recipes have no importance if you know the basic principles of the cooking.

In the sight of K. Vendelis a person need only a little of food and the best basic of the healthy nutrition is SlowFood which is not slow food but it is a movement that calls for the use of local biological food.

Healthy food can be very simple and you can make it more varicolored if you use some interesting oils. Hazelnut, pumpkin seed, walnut oils, various vinegars, such as figs or “Solera” apple vinegar will certainly be a kind of supplement to any gourmet menu.

“It is like when a woman after the work must go to an event and she does not have any time to go home, then it is enough just to put on one accessory, for example a jewelry or a bag in order to make her outfit look more suitable for the event. “With oils and vinegars it is the same”, says K. Vendelis, “it is sufficient if every time when cooking we will add other oils to our meal and it definitely will become different.”

K. Vendelis recommends to use cold- pressed oils which have level of unsaturated fat acids and other substances that are necessary and useful to your health.

“Very often we believe that to use any fat in your food it is not healthy but we have to understand the difference between so called “good” and “bad” fat. Unsaturated fat acids Omega-3 or Omega-6 are “good” fat and are indispensable for your nerve system, metabolism and also for the common health of your body”, Inese Legzdiņa doctor internist- therapist in medical center”MedPulss” emphasizes.

The doctor for the health prevention recommends to use not only machine made vitamins but also the natural substances, such as evening primrose oil that normalizes and maintains female hormonal system while the pumpkin seed oil will help with the man prostate adenoma prevention. Wheaten sprouts already in ancient China were considered as a life elixir and are an excellent remedy for improving the reproductive system and its action.

It is known that eating is one of the life’s enjoyments which give you positive feelings and sometimes unnecessary worries about your extra kilos. Unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition can harm the health and maybe the spring is the time when we should start to think about ourselves and about out healthy lifestyle.


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