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Grapes are very valuable because they contain group B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, iron, fibre, enzymes. They improve the bones, strengthen the heart, and regulate intestinal functioning. Grape juice eliminates the urine acid from the body and prevents the formation of kidney stones in the kidneys and urinary bladder. In case of gastro-intestinal tract disorders, liver and kidney diseases the doctors recommend to eat grapes.

During the season it is recommended one or two months every day to eat up to one or even one and a half and even two kilos of grapes. With a grape diet it is possible to purify the organism from various harmful substances and in 4 day time to loose up to 2 kg. Grape diet is not difficult to maintain and it is very tasty diet because grape juice contain a lot of valuable sugars which gives energy and very little calories.

It is examined that one grape (2,4g) contains 2 calories. So by eating not big bunch of grapes (92g) you will gain 62 calories and 2 % of vitamin A, 15,8 g of carbohydrates (including sugars-14,9g) and proteins- 0,6g. It should be mentioned that different grapes have different amount of calories in them.

Grapes are not used only for the wine but also for the famous brandy “Metaxa”.

Sour, salted and pickled grape leaves are used for different salty snack wrapping and also for sweets such as raisins and nuts but the berries are used for various salads and desserts.

Armenians, Turks, Greeks, Azerbaijani and Hungarians widely use grape leaves in their menus for wrapping the meat, fishes and vegetables.

Caucasian for example cook the trout in the grape leaves which they serve together with lavash. Turks use grape leaves when filling them with minced meat and rice mixture that is cooked together with acid plums. In Greece they wrap chopped marinated meat but goat cheese –feta is usually grilled while being wrapped in the grape leaves.

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