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It is necessary to choose a food not only after tour hunt but also after expedience. And the USA food specialists have produced, so called, food pyramid, that maximally evident and simplified acquaint men with foundations of a healthy food. A pyramid shows division of the necessary food for man in a week-day.

It shows exactly, which products are necessary to eat in large amounts, which in small. This pyramid is created so that the dose of your day becomes for foundation of a health, so also for foundation of normal body mass. Pyramid’s 1 level In this level are included flours, bread, groats and other goods of grains, rice, corn and potatoes. So there are all porridges, oat- flakes, and macaronis, quick breakfast prepared from grains. Here it can be counted on kites and also sprouted grains.

The main pyramid products of the first level products are carbohydrates, albumens, cellular tissues, ferrous, calcium, B group vitamins. They all are basic products of our food and must be eaten bulky, rich. It needs to be chosen grain products and flours of a rough grade as possible. Do not forget for kites and sprouted grains- especially in winter and spring months. Let’s eat potatoes cooked, in soup, in the braised meat of roots, in porridge of potatoes. Stand aside from ‘frit’ potatoes, fried potatoes and crisps. Margarine and other fats will be used very moderate.

Pyramid’s 2nd level Fruit, berries and vegetables, as also the green peas and bean-pod. These products can be fresh, frozen, canned and smoked. The mentioned products, especially in fresh kind, are rich with C vitamin, carotene, cellular tissue, source of carbohydrates. They must be used often and rich in a food, desirable to choose various vegetables and fruits. To aim after a variety.

Pyramid’s 3rd level Here are milk, milk products and meat, fishes, eggs. The dried leguminous plants- peas, bobs, and nuts, mushrooms must be counted on this group. All mentioned products are united by it, that they are valuable albumen and various spring of fats, locked in this products. Milk products is remarkable source of albumens, calcium, B group vitamins, the A and D vitamins in a food. Although how this group is decent, it can not replace pyramids first and second levels therefore milk products must be eaten regular, but in moderate sizes. And it needs to choose less fat milk products- skim milk, skim milk kefir, and yoghurt etc. by possibility. The lean meat is decent source of albumen, B group vitamin, especially B12, as also ferrous. You must avoid to use a fat meat, sausage etc. fat goods. Ideal is to choose meat of a young animal, for example, calf, whether game. Fishes are very valuable source of albumen, D, A vitamin, the B group vitamins, they provide human organism with irreplaceable fatty acid (also omega 3), and sea products gives to organism iodine. Too salty or too fried fishes must be avoided off. And in this case it is healthy to choose the fat fishes. The products of this level must be used in a food in moderate sizes. In correlation on eggs, then it must be avoided from fried eggs or omelets.

Eggs are desirable to use coddled, hardboiled or omelet. Leguminous plants are decent source of albumen, B group vitamin, and lecithin.

But it is pity that these products ordinary are used in the food in small amounts. Peas and bobs can replace meat very successfully.

A pyramid’s 4th level. Here belong fats, sweets, also alcohol. These products can not be used not at all, but, if use, then desirable a bit. And there is a certain category of people, for example, men with the superfluous weight, with some health problems, which must limit 4th level products to the minimum. Let’s choose a correct and healthy food!

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