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Fibers are considered to be an excellent aid for the processing the food in your organism.

Fibers contribute the ptyalism but saliva in turn split the starch. Fibers prevent constipation. Instant food (modern food) contains only 5-10% of fibers.

Animal products and refined products do not contain fibers (margarine, oil, white flour, sugar).

Fibers are in vegetable produce- vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, legumes.

Fibers separate the fat from the large intestine walls and eliminate the harmful metals and toxins. It is impossible to eat too many fibers- vegetarians often ingest fibers up to 3 times more.

An excellent source of fibers- rye bread and corn bread, oats, legumes, brown rice, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables.

Fibers contain a lot of vitamins and minerals!

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-15 09:35:51

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