A few advices for correct food

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A few advices for correct food

The food regime is the foundation, on which your physical and the spiritual health lean on and what provides an equilibrium in your life. If the food will not be correct, then the physical exercises and rest can not save a healthy body. A valuable food is the most important condition to save a decent physical health. Aspirations to reach the physical equilibrium and later an ideal health must be started with the choice of a correct food. There is distinction of a necessary food each day. Commeasure your menu with the physical activity to save an optimum weight. Use more grain product. More fruits and vegetables. Use oils a bit, margarine, butter and fatty meat. Less sugar. Less salt. More liquid, especially water. Usage of an alcohol, notice moderation and quality. Eat a healthy food with joy. And there must be remarked that the theme of a healthy and correct food was raised in all times…

“Do not look on a meal and drink, which induces to eat and to drink more than you will” (Socrates).

“The dietary means operate long, medicines only a short moment” (Hippocrates).

“Eat to live, and do not live to eat” (Socrates).

“Eat and drink with a measure” (Pythagoras).

“Food in human life is not the highest reward, but so however it is the foundation, on which the life highest costs can go in a loss or to blossom” (Dr.med. M.Birhers-Benners).

It is valuable to think!

Agnese Marhele @ 2008-01-19 19:01:10

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