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Festivity diet

No diet is worth missing the festivities. But no festivity is the reason to overeat. But do not completely forbid yourself something from the festive board.

Scent, delicacies- it is an excellent part of the festivities! You need to pay attention to the first steps of the diet which will help you no to overeat. And the festivity will be a success.

First step - change your thinking and do not say to yourself that today you can eat everything. Festivity is that you will be able finally to feast with something special instead of overeating!

Second step - do not go to the festivities with a completely empty stomach before that you must eat a very light meal in order to appear in the festivity with a hunger.

Third step - do not sit at the festive board, if you have a chance it is better to sit somewhere away from the table.

Fourth step - Do not try to eat everything from the festive board. Eat what you like and add to that food some vegetables and greens.

Fifth step - do not eat bread

Sixth step - be active, dance!

Seventh step - refuse from the cake

Eight step- refuse from the alcohol- it is liquid calories which you will ingest. But in case you have a glass of alcohol in your hands, better drink a glass of water after that!

If you will be able to manage these steps, then I can congratulate you- you have passed the festivity and you can breathe easily because you do not need to feel the tightness!

Agnese Marhele @ 2009-09-09 11:25:44

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